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Take your business’s safety to another level with life safety and environmental monitoring from RMD Security.

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We offer additional security with monitoring solutions for carbon monoxide, flood, temperature monitoring, and fire and smoke detection devices. Security from theft, cons, and other kinds of criminal activities is always on the business owner’s mind; but fire, flood, extreme cold and carbon monoxide can be just as damaging. RMD Security offers comprehensive safeguards against these threats to protect your business from potential environmental damage.

Our monitoring systems both detect environmental threats and alerts you to allow for immediate action. Our security professionals are also alerted and can trigger the necessary actions to protect your business and the people inside. Contact us for a free quote.

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Fire and Carbon Monoxide detection

Our fire alarms don’t just alert those on your property that there is an emergency, they also alert the professionals helping the authorities to get to your business faster and minimize damages to your property. Fire and smoke alarms are also able to be connected to pathway lighting to help light the way for employees and customers to the exits in dense smoke. Carbon Monoxide, though invisible, is still a significant threat which is why we also provide monitoring systems for it to help keep your employees and customers safe.

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Frozen pipes

Low Temperature Monitoring

Low temperature monitoring is essential for businesses that depend on optimal temperature monitoring; this includes cold storage facilities, computer server facilities and warehouses. RMD Security offers low temperature monitoring to ensure any temperature fluctuations don’t become disastrous to your business.

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Flood Monitoring Systems

Water is a powerful source and can cause incredible damage in very little time. Even if you are not in a flood zone, water damage can still easily happen anywhere so detecting from flood as early as possible is essential to minimizing damage to your property and assets. Our flood alarms provide you with instant notification that there is an issue so you can deal with the problem quickly. Flood monitoring is easy to install and is great for all types of business. Protect your property with flood monitoring with RMD Security today.

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