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Security Frequently Asked Questions

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New Ownership

What does this mean for RMD and SCP customers?

The name may be different, but you can expect the same excellent service you have come to count on from a local business. From support for your existing security system to questions about the latest smart-home solutions, we are here to help. was founded right here in Saskatchewan more than 30 years ago. Our commitment to our customers has helped us become the largest full-service SaskTel Authorized Dealer in the province. Our customers count on us to keep them connected at home or on the go and protect what matters most.

You won’t notice any changes. You can continue to access services and support from using the newly provided contact information for Security. Support teams will remain the same and your monthly rate and contract will not change. Most importantly, your monitoring services will continue to operate as usual.

Not at all. Your plan and service continue as is. If you have any questions or issues with your security system, give us a call and we’ll give you a hand with anything you need.

For further questions or support, reach us by:
Phone: 306-310-JUMP (306-310-5867)
Learn more:

Nothing, the name may be different but you can expect the same excellent service you have come to count on from a local business.

We offer the same service as you would have received with RMD/SCP Security. We also offer internet, TV, and wireless service, making us your one-stop-shop, so if you ever have any questions outside of security, we can definitely give you a hand on those as well.

Absolutely. We offer the same great service as you would have received with RMD/SCP Security.

There will be no change, all your data will remain safe with Security and SecurTek.

Learn more about our home and business security services by visiting

General Questions

Typically, a basic installation will range from two to eight hours. However, it depends on the complexity of the system, the choice of systems (wired or wireless), and the layout of the home or business.

Yes. Discounts vary per insurance provider and level of security system, so it is important to contact your insurance provider. When you have one of our monitored security systems installed, we supply you with an official alarm certificate that you can take to your insurance agent verifying that you have a system.

While the parts of a security system can change depending on your needs and your premise, most systems include a control panel, door or window sensors, motion sensors and a keypad. The control panel is the "heart" of your security system. This is where the information from the sensors is analyzed and relayed to the monitoring station via the telephone lines or cellular back-up. The keypad provides you with access to your system. Door and window sensors have a magnetic seal that detects movement. Motion sensors use infrared technology to detect body heat or movement. For a more complete description of these products, plus additional components, check out our alarm product pages (business and home) or contact us directly.

With most standard security systems alarm signals are transmitted to our monitoring station via the telephone line. If your telephone line becomes disconnected, your standard security system will be unable to transmit signals to our monitoring station.

To provide an additional level of protection and an alternate transmission method in the rare event telephone lines are cut or go down, you can install wireless back-up on most systems. With wireless back-up, a cellular transmission will be made to our monitoring station informing an attendant of the emergency situation.

A hardwired system uses wire to connect all of the sensors to the control panel. Therefore, each and every sensor will be connected by a network of low voltage wire placed throughout your premise.

A wireless system uses no wires to connect the sensors to the control panel. Signals are transmitted and received by radio.

When it comes to dependability, both systems are considered equals. We can work with you to choose a system that best suits your home or business. There are also hybrid systems available through SecurTek that use both wired and wireless technology.

There are many security options which can add value to your system. For example, monitored smoke alarms detect smoke and fire and send a signal to the monitoring station, which means the fire department can be notified even when you're not home. As well, you can get monitored carbon monoxide detectors, heat sensors, freeze sensors, remote control keyfobs, and panic buttons. Systems can be customized to suit any need and budget. For a more complete description of some of these products, check out our alarm page or contact us directly.

Yes. However, it is important to let us know you have pets. There are some products and systems which are better suited to homes with pets. In addition, if you have a system installed and get a pet after the fact, it is important to inform us so that we can make sure the system is optimized for your situation.

SecurTek is the leading provider of innovative security monitoring solutions and event related information services in North America, with 100,000 customers across Canada. Whether you seek home or business solutions, you can count on SecurTek to meet or exceed the highest industry standards in customer service, call overflow capabilities, and best practices in alarm response procedures and built-in system redundancies. SecurTek earned the Five Diamond Certification for superior monitoring service awarded by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). SecurTek monitoring stations are Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) certified.

Monitoring Station and Alarm Questions

Depending on the local bylaws for the area in which your protected premise is located, there may be fines, penalties or suspension of service levied by the police department for a false alarm dispatch. Contact SecurTek toll free at 1-877-777-7590 or for more information regarding your specific municipal bylaws.

False alarms are easily preventable as long as you are responsible for ensuring that all full-time and casual users of your system are fully trained on the alarm system's use and able to properly identify themselves to the monitoring station attendant.

Enhanced Alarm Verification is also available. With Enhanced Alarm Verification, SecurTek will:

  • Call the premise once
  • If there is no answer or a password cannot be verified, we will call an alternate number to verify if there is an emergency
  • If we cannot reach anyone on an alternate number, we will try the premise one more time and will then dispatch the authorities

To set up Enhanced Alarm Verification, just call the SecurTek Monitoring Station at 1-877-777-7591 or 1-877-696-8612. If you own a business that is monitored by SecurTek, please fax the information to us at 1-877-777-7592.

Yes. All of our smart security systems allow you to control your alarm system remotely with an easy-to-use app. Depending on your package, you can control your alarm, lights, locks, thermostat, and receive notifications from the system via text.

It depends on the system. With basic security systems a phone line is necessary; however with our smart security systems there is no need for a phone line. Smart security systems allow complete control over a home or business via an easy-to-use app. This means that you can control your lights, temperature, cameras and more, all from the palm of your hand from anywhere, at any time. There are a variety of packages to choose from that allow the flexibility and security that a smart system offers.

Yes. Please contact SecurTek at Toll Free in Canada: 1-877-777-7590 or via email - and let them know you will be away so we can update your key-holder information. Make sure all key-holders have received proper instruction on the alarm system, have a valid user code, and have a valid password.

No. Your alarm systems send signals to the monitoring station using a toll free number.

Yes. If the power goes out, your system reverts to a rechargeable backup battery. When the power turns back on the battery recharges itself. Depending on the system, all batteries must be changed every 3 to 5 years. Check with a RMD Security specialist as we now offer an extended warranty program on battery replacements for the term of your alarm contract! Never have to worry about changing batteries again.

ULC stands for Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. It sets the standards for operation for alarm monitoring stations. The standards provide guidelines for monitoring station operations, which include having uninterrupted power supplies, as well as appropriate staffing levels, response times and security levels.

When our monitoring station receives an alarm signal, a SecurTek attendant will call the premise, confirm the alarm and verify the password. If there is no answer or if the wrong password is provided, the attendant will then notify the police or proper emergency personnel. After that, they will call one of the responsible parties or contacts you provided when you had your system installed.

A monitoring station houses security personnel. When your SecurTek security system detects an alarm, a signal is transmitted to our monitoring station, which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff immediately deal with the security threat by dispatching the proper emergency response team. Our attendants are professionally trained and certified through the Security Industry Association (SIA), an organization that sets standards and develops training programs for the security industry. As well, all our stations are Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada listed, which means they meet or exceed the highest standards. They are located in secure buildings, complete with back-up systems to ensure constant, uninterrupted service.

Two hundred seconds is the industry standard for us to notify a contact after an alarm signal is received by the monitoring station. SecurTek has set our standards at less than 60 seconds and our average is consistently less than that.

The response time refers to how long it takes for the proper authorities to arrive at your premises. This will vary depending on who is doing the responding - police versus private guard response, the number of available responders, traffic and weather conditions, the signal type, and the total amount of overall alarm activity within the city. Typical response times range between five and 30 minutes.

In conjunction with SecurTek, we have two Canadian-based monitoring stations: one in Yorkton, Saskatchewan and one in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Billing Information Questions

You can pay your monitoring fees by pre-authorized payment and credit card monthly or quarterly. Other options include direct billing quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. To set up pre-authorized payments via bank account, a VOID cheque is required.

Saskatchwean customers can get billed directly with their other SaskTel services, simply provide your billing phone number.

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